Østfold Refleksologi

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Reflexology is a natural and medicine free treatment. By stimulate the nervous system, various parts of our body communicate, such as skin, muscle and internal organs. Using point and massage techniques, you can connect with different body parts and organs. That's why pressure at a certain point can affect other organ in the body.
Reflexology can be used for treatment of injuries, illness and everyday ailments.


Adult:              500 kr

Child/Student: 300kr 



The address is not yet to be found online, so it can be a bit difficult to find.

As you can see in the picture, there are several roads to Lilleeng Helsepark. The main entrance is where the road name is "Lilleeng" on the map, and there are parking spaces on either side of the entrance.

For those who are not a local, it's easiest to start with Rygge Storsenter to get a sense of directions (lower right corner of the image).